The ESATAN Thermal Modelling Suite (ESATAN-TMS) is a complete thermal modelling environment and brings under one roof the capabilities of ESARAD, ESATAN, FHTS and ThermNV.

ESATAN-TMS is the single user interface to the complete analysis process, including radiative and thermal analysis. The high productivity interface supports a wide range of features to allow fast, accurate analysis however complex the problem.

ESATAN-TMS is composed of the following components:

Workbench is an integrated environment with full pre- and post-processing capabilities, providing geometry modelling, visualisation, reporting and analysis case control.

Thermal (ESATAN) is a comprehensive, flexible thermal package providing the core solvers and a library of convenience routines and elements.

ThermNV is a tool for the visualisation of a thermal network including pre- and post-processing of model data.

ThermXL is a spreadsheet add-in for solving thermal analysis problems and is designed to fulfil the need for rapid turn-around of system level or simple "what-if" (parametric) type analyses.

Fluids is an extension to ESATAN providing single and two-phase thermo-hydraulic modelling of piped fluid networks.

Radiative is dedicated to surface to surface extended radiative calculation with support for specular and transparent surfaces.

Mission is dedicated to the analysis of orbiting and interplanetary bodies, with solar and planet heating.

CADbench is a powerful interface providing easy tools to automatically clean and prepare the CAD geometry for thermal analysis.