Thermal is the underpinning "engine" based on the lumped parameter formulation. A flexible and easy to use syntax is allowed within ESATAN-TMS input files enabling arbitrary algebraic expressions to be used to define non-constant material properties.           

This can vary from simple interpolation on temperature or time dependent data, through to complex control logic.

Users can choose the type and method of thermal solution from the selection of solution routines available in the ESATAN-TMS library. Iterative and matrix inversion routines are available for steady state solutions and transient solutions may be obtained from a choice of explicit or implicit routines.

Features include:

  • Steady-state and transient analysis
  • One, two and three dimensional models
  • True sub-modelling approach allowing logical break-down of complex systems
  • Fully linked solution of both the solid and fluid thermal system (with ESATAN-TMS Fluids)
  • Conductive, convective and radiative heat transfer
  • Modelling of arbitrarily complex thermal control behaviour
  • Time and/or temperature dependent conditions and properties
  • Combined analyses of thermal and electrical problems
  • Extremely powerful and flexible parametric analysis capabilities
  • Large, user extensible library of functions and routines
  • User definable library for re-useable models and families of similar designs such as Peltier, PID, heat pipes