Thermal Analysis

The following components of ESATAN-TMS are applicable for thermal analysis applications:


CADbench provides the thermal engineer with an environment to view and modify the CAD geometry and generate the analysis model. When generating the thermal analysis model from CAD geometry it is common practice to simplify the geometry.


Radiative provides a powerful environment for modelling any type of application where radiation effects are considered important. It uses enhanced Monte-Carlo ray tracing algorithm with automatic accuracy in calculating view factors or full radiative exchange factors.


Thermal is the underpinning "engine" based on the lumped parameter formulation. A flexible and easy to use syntax is allowed within ESATAN-TMS input files enabling arbitrary algebraic expressions to be used to define non-constant material properties.           


ThermNV enables the visualisation, inspection and processing of thermal analysis networks, either for model validation or post-processing tasks such as heat flow inspections, limits reports and charting. 


ThermXL is an add-in for Microsoft Excel, for performing simple thermal analysis within a spreadsheet. It provides an intuitive, easy-to-use thermal modelling environment perfect for conceptual studies, "What if...?" type analysis, etc.


Workbench is an integrated environment with full pre- and post-processing capabilities, providing geometry modelling, visualisation, reporting and analysis case control. It introduces multiple ways of building the geometrical model.