Release News - ESATAN-TMS 2023 is now released

ESATAN-TMS 2023 is now available to download from our website. ESATAN-TMS provides a high-productivity and powerful thermal modelling environment, supporting the complete thermal analysis process from geometry creation, radiative and thermal analysis, and post-processing of the thermal results. ESATAN-TMS 2023 is now our long-term supported version.

The new ESATAN-TMS 2023 main features are listed below, for a full description of all the functionalities and improvements, please read the Release Notes


Workbench support for thermo-hydraulic modelling 

  • ESATAN-TMS Worbench will now integrate the definition of fluid nodes, conductors and boundary conditions to support a complete thermo-hydraulic modelling.

Application Programming Interface

  • The API has been extended to provide access to read symbol data and some additional features for user plugins.

Rotation of the Planet albedo/temperature maps

  • Within a planet-centred orbital radiative case you can define an albedo and/or a temperature map to be applied to the planet and used for calculating heat fluxes.

Display difference between results in two TMD files 

  • The analysis case post-processing overlay has been extended to support showing the difference in results between two TMD files.