Release News - ESATAN-TMS 2024 is now released

ESATAN-TMS 2024 is now available to download from our website. ESATAN-TMS provides a high-productivity and powerful thermal modelling environment, supporting the complete thermal analysis process from geometry creation, radiative and thermal analysis, and post-processing of the thermal results. ESATAN-TMS 2024 is now our long-term supported version.

The new ESATAN-TMS 2024 main features are listed below, for a full description of all the functionalities and improvements, please read the Release Notes.


Modelling Insulation
  • ESATAN-TMS will now provide the ability to define an insulation and apply it to any surface of the model.

Extended support for orbital modelling on moons

  • The radiative case has been extended to support orbital modelling around moons.

Extended support for description fields

  • All items in the tree will now support a description field.

Visualise point labels on geometry 

  • The Workbench will now provide a way to visualise the point labels for any geometry defined with by point method.

Improved picking and information table 

  • The Workbench picking and information table has been extended to support individual, sum or average value based on the picking mode. In addition, a new mass attribute has been added to the list to report the mass of any picked item.

Radiative – New execution dialog - Running multiple radiative cases simultaneously 

  • The radiative case dialog has been extended to a new execution tab. All execution parameters will be now saved as part of the radiative case allowing the case to automatically run on apply as well as running multiple radiative cases simultaneously.

Radiative – Improved assembly pointing during eclipse 

  • The define assembly dialog as been extended to allow the assembly pointing to be stopped during the eclipse.

Post Processing – Display of connected nodes 

  • ESATAN-TMS schematic view will now allow to automatically display the connected nodes to a specific node.

Post Processing – New sink temperature attribute 

  • Similar the the sink temperature routine available in Thermal, the attribute chart will now allow the sink temperature to be added as an atrribute.

Post Processing – New delta chart attribute

  • ESATAN-TMS delta chart has been extended to support a delta between two nodes or containers for the same data source.