ThermNV enables the visualisation, inspection and processing of thermal analysis networks, either for model validation or post-processing task such as heat flow inspections and charting.                                                

ThermNV greatly reduces the time taken to document analysis models and results by generating textual reports that can be saved, printed or directly exported to a spreadsheet or other software applications.

  • Import a Thermal Model Data (TMD) network file (as generated by ESATAN-TMS Thermal)
  • Visualisation of network schematic (Nodes and conductive couplings)
  • Automated layout algorithms
  • Support for local sub-division of the network (grouping of nodes)
  • Visual colour scale or textual values supported for displaying any data on the schematic
  • Graphical support for data results (Line, Bar and Min/Max charts)
  • Reporting facility on any model and results data
  • Generic calculation tools for minima, maxima, averages, etc.
  • Comparison of results with design requirements