Fluids provide the capability to carry out the thermohydraulic analysis and simulation of a piped fluid network which may be connected to a standard ESATAN thermal model. The ability to provide a steady state and transient analysis is also available.

Solving for pressure, mass flow rate and temperature in the fluid loop and for temperature in the thermal model.

Fluids provide a full range of solution algorithms allowing both steady state and true transient analysis of the hydraulic response of fluid networks, with compressibility effects being fully analysed in the latter case.

  • Library of system components such as pumps, heat exchangers and accumulators
  • Library of fluid properties
  • Internal correlations for convective heat transfer
  • Internal correlations for frictional pressure loss
  • Facilities for user-defined components, fluids and correlations
  • Steady state air vapour simulation
  • Variable volume simulation
  • Capillary effect modelling
  • Inclusion of linear accelerations forces in any direction