Our Mission

A global enterprise and a leader in the aeronautical and industrial engines market over the entire product lifecycle through its technology, recognising the importance of the environment in all our activities.
Committed to excellence, we develop strong partnerships with our customers, adding value to the company and its shareholders.

What We Do


Our team of engineers, mathematicians, physicists and computing experts provide the broadest technical base for development of professional, scientific software. The creation of bespoke programmes, for both internal design groups and multi-national external customers, is backed by comprehensive software consultancy, support and training services.

Developments have included 3D modelling tools, piped fluid network and secondary cooling flow analysis tools, schematic editors, version and configuration control and database applications, and are used throughout Europe.

ITP Engines UK has worked with the European Space Agency to develop some of the industry's main thermal analysis tools. These tools are distributed commercially.

Who We Are


ITP Aero is currently the ninth largest aircraft engine and components company in the world by revenue. Ranking among the top one hundred companies in the aerospace industry (Top 100 Aerospace Companies, PwC and Flight International, 2015), the company has production centres in Spain, United Kingdom, Mexico, the United States, Malta and India with over 3,600 employees.

ITP Aero offers its customers total solutions built around world-class technology. Our unique capability extends from product concept to in-service support, and we pride ourselves on our ability to integrate smoothly and efficiently into our customers processes. With our roots in the Power Jets Company founded by Sir Frank Whittle, we offer leading edge aero product design, development and manufacture. To complement our hardware capabilities, we are also a growing force in safety-critical software for controlling many of the world's leading aero engines.

In the space sector, we are a leading supplier of thermal software products with our product suite ESATAN-TMS.

Our customer base includes the world's leading aerospace companies including General Electric, Rolls-Royce, Honeywell, Goodrich, Airbus as well as ESA, NASA/JPL, Thales Alenia Space, OHB and Ariane.