Workbench is an integrated environment with full pre- and post-processing capabilities, providing geometry modelling, visualisation, reporting and analysis case control. It introduces multiple ways of building the geometrical model.

This can be achieved either inside Workbench using the powerful 3D surface geometry modelling or by importing existing models from other FE or CAD tools via a set of sophisticated translators.

ESATAN-TMS Workbench provides complete flexibility to select either a finite element or a lumped parameter representation; or even a combination of both as required by the analysis.

Workbench also provides the capability to define time or temperature dependent data. This data can then be used within the definition of temperature dependent material properties (density, specific heat or conductivity) or time dependent boundary conditions.

  • Complete pre- and post-processing capabilites for industry leading thermal analysis package, ESATAN-TMS Thermal
  • Advanced 3D surface geometry modelling, including support for cutting operations and moving assemblies
  • Modern, easy to use interface with short learning curve
  • Automated generation of lumped parameter conductors
  • Powerful underlying language allowing enormous flexibility when needed