Release News - ESATAN-TMS 2016 sp2 is now released

We gladly announce that ESATAN-TMS 2016 sp2 is now available to download from our website.

ESATAN-TMS provides a high-productivity and powerful thermal modelling environment, supporting the complete thermal analysis process from geometry creation, radiative and thermal analysis, and post-processing of the thermal results. ESATAN-TMS 2016 not only provides a new look and feel to the product, but also provides improved productivity. This new release also includes functionality to model UV radiative emitters and the ability to include non-isotropic materials. ESATAN-TMS 2016 also contains a large number of general improvements and bug fixes.

ESATAN-TMS 2016 sp2 contains mainly bug fixes and performance improvements.

For a full description of all the functionalities and improvements, please read the Release Notes.

ESATAN-TMS 2016 sp1 features are outlined below:

Increase in the number of colours for discrete displays

  • The number of colours available for discrete displays, such as display of thermo-optical properties, has been significantly increased.

Interactive legend

  • Both the discrete and the continuous legend are now selectable, highlighting the corresponding geometry.

Fixed scale and animation across results

  • Use of fixed scale based on results when displaying results at single position.
  • Assemblies are now oriented when displaying results at the single position.

Animation of assembly movement

  • Easy validation of assembly movement with a new option to visualise the movement as soon as defined.
  • Animation of the display stepping across results at all positions and timesteps.

Select data within the picking table

  • Data from within the picking table can now be selected and copied across.

Handling of larger models by Thermal

  • Support of larger models by ESATAN-TMS Thermal with a revised memory handling mechanism.

General Improvements

  • ESATAN-TMS 2016 addresses a large number of feature requests raised by customers covering all areas of the thermal modelling process.


ESATAN-TMS 2016 features are outlined below:

Improved Thermal Analysis Interface

  • Simple interface for defining the thermal solution which now includes both an interface to specify the output from ESATAN-TMS Thermal.
  • Improved handling of the users template analysis file.
  • An Analysis Monitor provides real-time feedback from the thermal analysis, including graphs of convergence.

Workbench Support for Thermostats

  • Support for the definition of thermostatically controlled heat sources.

Workbench Next Generation

  • Provides a high-productivity thermal modelling environment, with much of the process driven through the visualisation.
  • Increased visualisation area by redesigning the layout of Workbench.
  • The menu bar has been replaced with a modern ribbon bar, including toolbar icons to directly drive the main modelling steps.

Interactive Modelling

  • Provides an interactive method to create geometry combinations and cuts directly through the visualisation.
  • To aid visualisation, the geometry representing the cutters can now be optionally displayed as transparent.
  • Each cutter can be selected, and the cutting sense can quickly and easily be reversed using the new "Switch Sense" menu option.
  • Single Cut and Combine dialog providing a simple and more flexible interface.

Modelling of Radiative Emitters

  • Simplified modelling allowing surfaces emitting UV radiation to be defined and applied to the radiative simulation.
  • Supporting facilities are provided to validate the model definition, for example displaying the beam directions and visualisation of the emitting rays.

Extended Orbital Modelling

  • Extended orbit modelling capability.
  • The orbited planet can now be selected and a default set of properties are provided for the selected planet, along with a planet image.
  • Spacecraft orientation can now be defined for multiple orbit periods.
  • Flexibility of the orbit definition has been increased.

Enhanced Pre- and Post-Processing

  • The Interface to display data has been completely redesigned to provide a single interface to select the data to display, also with direct access from the model tree.

Support for Orthotropic Materials

  • Capability to model orthotropic materials.
  • Bulk material definition has been extended to support selection of isotropic or orthotropic material definition.
  • For orthotropic materials, three values of conductivity are specified. The material is applied to the geometry as normal.
  • New display "Material Orientation" to help verify that the material has been applied correctly.

Extended Conductor Interface Generation

  • Improved process to generate Conductive Interfaces; both by increasing the flexibility of the process and by also extending the coverage to include identifying interfaces for cut shells.

General Improvements

  • ESATAN-TMS 2016 addresses a large number of feature requests raised by customers covering all areas of the thermal modelling process.