Release News - ESATAN-TMS 2021 is now released

ESATAN-TMS 2021 is now available to download from our website. ESATAN-TMS provides a high-productivity and powerful thermal modelling environment, supporting the complete thermal analysis process from geometry creation, radiative and thermal analysis, and post-processing of the thermal results.


For a full description of all the functionalities and improvements, please read the Release Notes


ESATAN-TMS 2021 features are outlined below:


Single Model Workspace

  • Merge of  the four model workspaces – geometry, radiative, thermal, reporting into a single workspace to streamline the modelling process.

Save view

  • Introduction of a Save View capability that makes a record of the visualisation state – overlay, model orientation etc – so that the view can be opened and re-created at a future time.

Support for boundary condition status depending on eclipse

  • Ability to define a scope for a heat flux boundary condition. Such boundary conditions can be active throughout an analysis, or just when in eclipse, or when not in eclipse.

Extension of boundary condition heat fluxes as QR 

  • Analysis case export for boundary condition heat fluxes as the ESATAN-TMS Thermal nodal entity QR.

Relative path for INCLUDE files 

  • Extended support for relative path when including files using INCLUDE statement.

General improvement of error/warningmessages 

  • Improvement of the messages output by Workbench. There are messages to differentiate between errors and warnings.

Support for export/import model validation in STEP-TAS conversion

  • Extension to perform additional validation of the STEP-TAS files when model export/import.

General improvement

  • Confirmation dialog for the Purge Model option.
  • Face area is available for picking as soon as the geometry is created.
  • New layout for the boundary condition folder in the model tree. The folder is now grouped based on the boundary condition type.
  • The Geometry Transform dialog now defaults to display the XYZ definition option rather than Axis and Vector.

Performance improvement

  • ESATAN-TMS 2021 sees improvements to the speed of execution of the radiative calculations, and to the opening and displaying of large models in Workbench.